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Abstract Art: Chaos Contained

Abstract Art doesn't apologise for its lack of accurate representation of visual reality. In Abstract Art you will find a conglomerate of colour, shapes, forms and gestural abstraction that allows your eye to make of it what you will.

In Abstract Art you will find an energy and dynamism that can change the mood and feel of the room in which it is displayed. An artwork says something about the owner and/or the place it resides. It can fill a seemingly dull waiting room with colour and texture, where the waiting client can be taken into a new world while passing the time. Abstract Art can lift an otherwise modern empty space with it's expression of mood and impact.

Is Abstract Art just a mess on a wall? Or does it give life to a room needing a lift? Is it chaos contained on a canvas? I like to think a little bit of chaos is needed in everyone's life. Abstract Art can do that; one little bit of chaos at a time.

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